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Loadout was Edge of Reality's first PC-exclusive title, first free-to-play game, and first multiplayer shooter. It was a very challenging project that spanned three years, and was essentially rebuilt from the ground up several times. After the first year, I inherited full responsibility over all UI art and design, and am currently the UI product owner.

lead UI Artist


The Sims 3 : Pets

The console version of The Sims 3 : Pets presented us with a new challenge, as we overhauled the entire previous game's UI in ten months.  We improved on the presentation and usability of the previous game, producing a cleaner UI with a "dusk" palette that complimented the new autumn setting, all while still respecting the visual language of the Sims.

UI Artist

Xbox 360

Playstation 3

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 was my first title for either Xbox 360 or PS3, and I was part of quite a large UI team. Our task was to create an interface that achieved full feature parity with the PC version. In addition to art and animation, I also did a fair amount of scripting (AS2), as well as creating some handy JSFLs and tools. I was also brought on board early in the preproduction process, and contributed heavily to design and prototyping, creating lots of wireframes and animatics.

UI Artist

Xbox 360

Playstation 3

The Tale of Despereaux

When the project lost its original UI artist, Amaze contracted me to take over. I had never developed for the DS before, and had a lot of fun figuring out ways to work within the strict hardware limitions of the handheld.

2D / UI Artist

Nintendo DS

iOS Games

This gallery showcases several iPhone games I developed as "Apocalypse Train." They include Genius Defense Force, Border Patrol 3000 A.D., wordee, and Ravel. I also wrote the story/dialogue for GDF, and did the bulk of the gameplay design for the other games.

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